蔘龍國際集團董事長  謝龍飛博士
Mr. Hsieh Lung Fei, Chairman of Dragon Ginseng International Group





Chairman Mr. Hsieh Lung Fei, grew up in Kaohsiung, Taiwan a family of Chinese medicine practitioners, three generations of famous doctors in the family,has been understudying his father since young. He is a gifted man as he is diligent since young. With the experience of three generations passing on a hundred years of experience, even so, Mr. Hsieh Lung Fei continuously strives to specialize in research and development on human beings.

The reason why Mr. Hsieh Lung Fei, the chairman of the board, is so specialized in researching people is that he discovered the magical medical effects of what doctors and practitioners can do to help the people. After more than ten years of research and development, Mr. Hsieh Lung Feifinally successfully developed a vacuumed low temperature at 28 degrees concentrated extraction technology, which effectively helps to improve the limitations of traditional ginseng products and completely retained the saponin in the ginseng. Under the leadership of Mr. Hsieh Lung Fei,Chairman of Dragon Ginseng International Group in Malaysia, has obtained the GMP certification for their own pharmaceutical companies to research and improve ginseng products, and also established a 2,000-hectare man-made "land of ginseng" ─ Changbai Mountain. The ginseng farm are professionally cultivated for 6 years in a strategic geographical environment and clean water source that is most suitable for ginseng growth. With such high-quality products, the company's territory quickly covers the United States, Japan, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. At present, there are nearly 40 pharmacies and flagship stores for mainland tourists.

In addition to promoting the health value of ginseng through their own brands, Chairman Mr. Hsieh Lung Fei has created the World Ginseng Organisation in Hong Kong, aiming to promote the ginseng industry to the international community, promote the culture of ginseng and promote good health. 

The chairman of the board believes that only by sharing knowledge, the team can be more professional, so he never keep his expertise but teaches everyone the knowledge and value of ginseng. Mr. Hsieh Lung Fei always quote ‘I will take myself as an example and lead everyone with a loving heart. At the same time, we will give back to the society, do good charity, face the challenges of the market together, and lead the entire team together as one. By adhering to the concepts of health, vitality and caring for life, let us work together to make our dreams come true.’

蔘龍國際集團總經理  潘麗麗小姐

General Manager of Dragon Ginseng International Group, Miss Pua Lili




Travelled thousands of miles and read thousands of books, let us together travel around the world and support the countries that need us. Let us help each other to achieve a better life both in laughter and in tears.

I believe women can also create their own future, create their own success! When we are able to help ourselves, we are able to help others and let’s work hard to achieve our goal! 

My daily mantra, carrying a happy mood, love Dragon Ginseng products, full of confidence in the company, love every partner, and help each partner to succeed, nothing is better than this! !