Story of Ginseng


The Growing Environment of Ginseng :

Ginseng root used by Dragon Ginseng comes from the world's best ginseng growing area (North Koea Autonomous Regions). It is situated at the north eastern China bordering North Korea, or at 40° latitude. Ginseng is being cultivated at low density areas, at high mountains of over 2,000 feet above sea level. Its growing conditions are constrained. On humidity aspect, temperature during summer is around 16°c, while winter temperature is around -6°, good ventilation and ample water are basic growing conditions for ginseng. It is best to grow ginseng on soil of red pine trees of 30 years or above using organic fertilizer. Only such fertile soil would yield ginseng of high quality. The combination of the divine spirit of earth and sky assure the best crop of ginseng. Transplantation every two years to ensure the best quality ginseng with the best functions.

Process of Transplantation


Transplantation process is to carry out every two years. Ginseng trees of six years old with big projection, whose quality is the best.

Ginseng Seed


Ginseng flowers would first blossom at the forth year of planting. Seeds are collected with the purpose of nurturing the best quality ginseng.

The Miracle Efficacy of Dragon Ginseng


Ginseng has been in existence since 5,000 years ago. It was the food of the emperors. According to the 'Book of Herbs' by Shen Long, which said: 'Ginseng nourishes the five major organs in the body. It stabilizes, overcome fear,dispel evil spirit, good for the eyes and brain. Taken over a long period would result in longevity.' Every consumer could take it with peace of mind.