Research and Development

Our HQ in Malaysia

Ginseng Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
(Changbai) - Ginseng bases Figure

The world's:
  • First ginseng biotechnology pharmaceutical plant, which went to show the technological advancement of Dragon Ginseng.
  • The only facility equipped with high-tech nano vacuum concentrated extraction technology to ensure top grade quality.
  • Most professional organization with the most conductive environment which produces the most outstanding leaders.

Each Dragon Ginseng from Dragon Ginseng farm is cultivated for 6 years. Each one contains over 168 kinds of trace elements. Dragon Ginseng Biotech Pharmaceutical plant conforms to international GMP biotechnology standards – dust, germs and contaminant-free, sealed air-conditioned temperature, humidity control and air quality that meets strict standards. The whole product manufacturing process undergoes stringent control management.