About Us

Dragon Ginseng Enterprise Sdn.Bhd. was established in 1990. Its product Dragon Ginseng Powder is marketed worldwide. Won praises of best quality and best efficacies.
Dragon Ginseng is manufactured by GMP Pharmaceutical Quality of the product is guaranteed.

謝龍飛 蔘龍企業有限公司董事長


Chairman imparts his professional expertise to educate everyone about the various types,values and benefits of ginseng,helping them to better understand the value of ginseng and become a ginseng expert. The chairman came from a family of medical practitioners. His father is a renowned Chinese medicine doctor. As a child, he followed his father's footstep and his since,become an expert in medicine especially ginseng. As a person who believes in knowledge sharing,he is willing to share his research and success for the benefits of the society by imparting his knowledge on health to the community, There's a misconception that success is based on natural talent.The difference between a successful person and ordinary people is that the successful person knows how to take action to achieve his goal. That's the secret of every successful person.

Reason why at Dragon Ginseng Enterprise Sdn Bhd, the chairman is pleased to share his personal experience on how to achieve his goal,and guides you on what to do, how to innovate and move forward during difficult times. He puts himself as an example and leads with a caring heart while lending all a helping hand to face challenges and chart new career heights. By holding on to the business principles of health,vitality and caring for life,let’s work hand -in-hand to make our dreams come true. You could only create small success by your own effort; to create big success you need the help of a group of people.

潘麗麗小姐 蔘龍生物科技制薬厰總經理

Knowledge gained from travelling is better than reading thousands of book. Let travel around every corner of the world. Let us help each other to achieve a wonderful life in laughter and in tears. An ordinary woman creats future of her own out of fear to lose. Always remind herself that no pain no gain. Be in happy mood always. Love the product. Have confidence in the company. Love every business partner. Help every business partner to march towards success..